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Our Mission

Whitetail Livn aims to revolutionize the connection between hunters and landowners, ensuring sustainable and respectful hunting experiences that enrich both communities.

Our Community

Our diverse community of hunters and landowners shares a passion for the outdoors and a commitment to conservation and ethical hunting practices.

The Experience

Our platform simplifies the discovery and booking of hunting leases, equipped with resources to enhance your hunting journey.

Built On Trust - Whitetail Livn

Built On Trust

At Whitetail Livn, we ensure a safe and trustworthy community by requiring all hunters to go through a comprehensive ID verification process. Our team verifies each member's identity, enhancing safety and trust within our platform.

To protect all parties involved, Whitetail Livn mandates that all hunters carry liability insurance. This ensures that in the rare case of an accident, both hunters and property owners are covered, thereby fostering a responsible and secure hunting environment.

Our platform features a two-way review system that allows both hunters and landowners to leave feedback after each booking. This transparency helps maintain high standards of respect, safety, and satisfaction for everyone involved.

Whitetail Livn was created by hunters, for hunters. Our team's firsthand experience and passion for hunting have guided the development of a platform that meets the specific needs and values of the hunting community, ensuring an exceptional experience for all members.

Leasing your property to hunters through Whitetail Livn is incredibly simple and efficient! Just provide a few details about your property, add some photos or videos, and submit your listing. Once we've reviewed and approved your submission, it will be featured to hunters actively searching for leases in your area via Whitetail Livn.