Site Fees - Whitetail Livn

Welcome to Whitetail Livn

We bridge the gap between landowners and hunters, offering exceptional hunting lease opportunities. To ensure the quality and sustainability of our platform, we have introduced a straightforward fee policy for all users. Membership on the site is free for both hunters and landowners. A service fee applies only when a property is leased.

Service Fee Details:

Rate: A nominal service fee of 7.5% applies to both hunters and landowners, with a minimum charge of $25 for each party.

  • Purpose: This fee is reinvested into our platform, covering operational costs, payment gateway fees, enhancing website features, and ensuring top-notch customer support.
  • Calculation: For landowners, the fee is deducted from the lease payments received. For hunters, it's added to the lease cost upon booking.

Why a Service Fee?

  • Landowners: Enjoy a broad audience of reliable hunters, secure transactions, and a platform that highlights your offering.
  • Hunters: Access premium leases easily, with the assurance of vetted properties and transparent, safe transactions.

This fee structure is integral to our commitment to providing an outstanding service and fostering a thriving community of hunting enthusiasts.

Thank you for choosing Whitetail Livn! Together, let's create unforgettable hunting experiences.